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As with medicine and other professions, attorneys, generally, focus their practice within just several areas of the law in order to develop a high degree of expertise. You wouldn’t be pleased with a cardiologist performing eye surgery upon you nor should you select or expect an attorney that is only engaged in tax law to defend your driver’s license suspension.

With nearly thirty years of practice, I’ve developed a broad spectrum of associates whom, collectively, have a high degree of experience and expertise in most every area of law. I’m pleased to initially discuss any legal issue you may have including my areas of practice as well as DUI and criminal defense, insurance matters, commercial litigation, personal injury or medical or professional malpractice matters. In the event that I’m unable to address the matter effectively, I can certainly recommend another attorney(s) who can.

Whether your matter concerns a complicated personal injury, product liability or professional liability claim or you require guidance in family law, a workers compensation/unemployment compensation claim or a most experienced criminal defense attorney, I can recommend one or more attorneys to assist you. Like myself, most will provide a complimentary initial consultation and, afterward, you can make an informed decision for your legal representation.

I perform a considerable amount of “pro-bono” service as I’m convinced every individual is entitled to, at least, initial complimentary legal advice and I’m pleased to provide this as part of my public service.